Manufacturing Capabilities


Wise Alloys uses state-of-the-art electromagnetic casting in a Greenfield Casting Facility built within the alloys plant for $120 million in 1991. Electromagnetic casting uses an electromagnetic field to levitate and contain molten aluminum prior to solidification, rather than the solid mold used in standard direct chill casting. This process creates a smoother ingot, or long piece of aluminum, that does not require scalping to remove rough edges, thus saving time and cost in the manufacturing process.

Hot Mill

The hot rolling mill consists of a series of three mills that compress the 30,000+ pound slabs of aluminum. The process begins on a reversing mill, one of the largest in the industry, which reduces the slab, or ingot to four inches thick. The breakdown mill has automatic computer controls to ensure the flatness and surface quality requested by the customer.

Cold Mill

The cold rolling area consists of several mills including a two stand, a three stand and a five-stand mill. The three-stand tandem cold mill is used for finished body stock for aluminum cans. This mill is equipped with hydraulic automatic gauge control, a shape meter, and the most modern controls available. Finished products vary in thickness from .0100 inches to above .0140 inches, and are conditioned by the cold working of the mill for formability and strength as per customer specifications.


End stock and similar packaging products go to an additional high-speed, state-of-the-art 66-inch line that trims, levels, pre-treats, rinses, applies and cures an organic coating on both sides of the aluminum sheet. These coatings can be clear base coats or a variety of colors and protective finishes, depending on end use.