Our Products

Wise Alloys, LLC is committed to meet or exceed customer specified requirements in every product we sell. We will produce the products safely with emphasis on cost efficiency and on-time delivery.

Aluminum Can Sheet

Wise Alloys’ main product is aluminum can sheet for the packaging industry, particularly for beverage and food containers. Wise Alloys manufactures sheet used in all three components of an aluminum can, namely body stock, coated end stock and tab stock.

The company’s can sheet is used to make more than 16 billion beverage cans per year, which represents about 15 percent of the U.S. beverage can market. Aluminum coils for can body stock vary according to individual plant specifications, but can be more than six miles in length, and can yield more than 1,000,000 can bodies.

Wide Aluminum Sheet

Additionally, Wise Alloys rolls and finishes aluminum sheet wider than any other mill in North America. Wise Alloys currently provides wide aluminum sheet for use as roofs on truck trailers.