Strategic Alliances

Wise Alloys has worked with several institutes of higher education and private laboratories to analyze and continually improve the quality of the metal and/or processes it uses in the production of aluminum sheet.

University of Alabama School of Engineering

Conducts research into the per pound metal value of charged material in the electromagnetic casting process; and an analysis of siphons used in casting.

Georgia Technological Institute for Research

Analyzes the polymer coating used for food-container aluminum.

R.J. Lee

This independent-materials-characterization-laboratory helps analyze the product in order to continuously improve quality.

Chemir/Polytech of St. Louis, MO

Another independent-materials-characterization-laboratory that specializes in polymer and coating analysis.

University of Alabama College of Commerce and Business Administration

Contacted through the Alabama Institute for Manufacturing Excellence, the Department of Information Sciences and Statistic has a team of professors and graduate students working to improve data mining techniques, statistical validation of results, data warehouse optimization, and modeling of data and algorithms for use in automated real-time alerts.