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Wise Alloys has annual sales in excess of 1 Billion dollars. Wise Alloys is a leading U.S. producer of aluminum can stock for the beverage can industry. In 2010, about 95% of shipments were used in the manufacture of containers for beverages and food.


Wise Alloys ships 100% of our coils from the mill in Muscle Shoals, AL by truck. We partner with asset based carriers who specialize in light weight equipment to maximize each load. Through a bidding process, Wise enjoys long term agreements with a select group of core carriers. Scrap, UBC's and Prime are shipped to our facility by truck, train, and boxcars.

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Wise uses services and products from hundreds of vendors. These include industrial controls, lubricants and solvents, tools, consumable and renewable supplies to name just a few. Wise supports competitive bidding for the purchase of supplies and services.


At Wise Alloys, we are always looking for new business relationships. If your company is interested in becoming a Wise Alloys customer or vendor, we’d like to hear from you.

For information about our products, capabilities, and logistics, please contact Pamela Racer at (256) 386-6727.

Prospective suppliers of scrap aluminum should contact Tommy Thornton at (256) 386-6942.

All other suppliers of materials or services should contact Lisa Blansett at (256) 386-6030.

Certification to RoHS

Sales Order Terms and Conditions
Sales Order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions