Quality Policy

Wise Alloys, LLC is committed to exceed customer specified requirements in every product we sell. We will produce the products safely with emphasis on cost efficiency and on time delivery.

About Wise Alloys

Wise Alloys Muscle Shoals, Alabama operations has approximately 100 acres under roof and is one of the largest single employers in the Muscle Shoals area.

There are two primary facilities comprising the Muscle Shoals operations - the Alloys Plant and Element 13 complex.

The 4 million square foot Alloys Plant casts molten aluminum into sheet ingot. The ingot is then rolled into coils of aluminum sheet approximately 1/100 of an inch thick. The facility has a current capacity for finished products of 950 million pounds per year. Its sheet products are used in the manufacture of beverage cans, ends, tabs, food containers and other products including trailer roof and fin stock.

The 74 acre Element 13 complex is where used beverage cans are melted and alloyed in preparation for being recast into aluminum ingots. The facility was built by Reynolds Metals in 1969 and expanded in 2011 by Wise Metals. The main operations at the plant are comprised of nine furnaces with a capacity to melt more than 600 million pounds of scrap per year.

Brief Company History

Founded in 1941 to manufacture aluminum sheet for airplanes during World War II, the original 2,000-acre facility in Muscle Shoals was owned by Reynolds Aluminum until it was sold to Wise Alloys in March 1999.